5 Off-Roading Tips to Stay in One Piece

Off-roading on ATV’s can be a dangerous thing and tips from riders who have ridden the real trails for years include a variety of different things to keep you safe. Many accidents and crashes on four wheelers and ATV’s happen off road or in places where high or steep trails with hills occur. The things to consider to keep yourself safe are getting the right equipment.

Beginners on Trails

Most places that encourage off-roading trails are made by hand and kept up by people who love to off road. They will go through and pick up debris and trees to keep the trails clean and clear so do be considerate and help if you see downed trees or danger hazards such as holes.

If you ask your ATV dealer he can usually tell you where the hot spots are and show you the trails give you general directions on how to get there. Chances are the owner loves to ride on his time off and his staff. The reason is the passion for riding these types of bikes off road. Dirt Bikes are usually run through straight ways but they can take the ATV trails as well if they aren’t too strict.

Five Tips to remember while Off-Roading To Help You Stay in One Piece

  1. The Important things to remember- Remember your safety equipment and bungee cords and ties to tow your ATV in, if something goes wrong. If you have two ATVs and ride with a partner you can always tow each other in if one or the other breaks down. Bring a water bottle and bandana for comfort and hydration on hotter days when you ride.
  2. Wear helmets and Protective Equipment – It is just safer to be protected if you crash so you get up and walk away with no scratches. Don’t stop on trails if you can help it because most Dirt Bike and ATV trails are built for exciting action with curves, jumps and hills.
  3. No Sudden Stopping – A sudden stop on the bottom of a hill can be very dangerous so do not stop unless you are stalled and if you are stalled push out of the way of traffic so you can be safer. On weekends this is a must for riding on trails. Make sure you abide in this rule because you can’t time the other riders behind you, and usually if you are hearing them, it is almost too late to get out of the way. So it is better just to be out of the way. Never use your front brake only when going down hills on your ATV and never use your back brake on a hill going up.
  4. Be safe- when Going down hills and be conscious of other riders when passing and always look around corners for safety even though you want to have fun. Most of them go out on the trail as much as they can for practicing jumps and speed and control. Don’t shift your transmission on hills or steep hills. Only use first or second gear on steep hills. Be sure to shift your weight forward when climbing a hill.
  5. Be Conscious of Your Surroundings- If you are on unfamiliar trails that you haven’t ridden before, take them slowly at first. This way you can be sure of the trail and pick up speed on hills and fast turns. Always be careful if you are on unmarked rides through the wilderness. Take your first rides through unknown surrounding slowly.

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