Introducing: FourTrax Foreman Rubicon with EPS and DCT Deluxe

The features and benefits for the very new 2015 FourTrax® Foreman® Rubicon™ have absolutely raised the bar. It has been augmented with stunning new styling that includes a brand new chassis that hosts an independent rear suspension (IRS) along with the 500-class Honda feature of advanced automatic dual clutch transmission (DCT).

It is currently being dubbed the “best Rubicon yet” for its ease of handling. This model has a deluxe version as-well-as electric power steering (EPS). Rubicon_2014_03

Many New Features as-well-as New Benefits

Honda remains one of the most legendary 500-class engines designed to deliver a pulling-power along with an easy to operate powerband. An automatic DCT delivers power to the compact size and the simple strength of a manual transmission that contain no belts to slip, break or wear out. The convenience of the automatic transmission wins the day; a push-button automatic control panel via Honda’s Electric Shift Program: ESP®.

Other Advantages of the Dual Clutch Transmission

For the first time, Honda’s new automatic DCT demonstrates the new dual shift-mapping program. This will automatically select between two transmission-shifting modes. One mode is “cruise.”

This mode provides for the most optimum shift-timing which actually depends on the rider’s pattern of throttle operation. If the driver is one with a more aggressive user style, the cruise-mode kicks in – holding the transmission in gear longer before shifting down in order to deliver a more aggressive performance.

The cruise-mode will allow this transmission to shift up sooner, delivering a more ordinary performance while enjoying enhanced fuel efficiency.

Other advantages include:

  • A brand new drive/low sub-transmission delivers selectable gear ranges to match varying driving conditions.
  • Programmed Fuel Injection systems delivering improved throttle responses and smooth power delivery. This also aids with fuel economy.
  • Honda TraxLok 2WD/4WD delivers 2WD, 4WD, and 4WD mode by offering locking front differentials in order to optimize traction.
  • This system also incorporates a speed-override mode. This can be engaged when the front differential is locked – increasing wheel speed that’s needed under severe-conditions such as deep mud-slicks.

New Chassis and Suspension Standards 

Other features include a double-cradle steel frame for increased stiffness and better torsional rigidity. This adds precise handling and very smooth rides. There’s a new independent double-wishbone front suspension. This delivers 7.3 inches of travel.

Discover new independent dual-arm rear suspension designs. These offer a more optimal shock ratio with an increased suspension stroke for 8.5 inches of travel. There are also adjustable spring-preload features. All shocks will allow suspension tuning matching varying loads with different riding conditions.

Other new standards include:

  • A reverse-gear as well as a parking brake – simply pull the lever and engage reverse or push the lever to set the brake.
  • Bigger 190mm hydraulic dual-disc brakes up front and 170mm hydraulic disc brakes behind for dramatic halting power.
  • Dramatic styling for all-steel full-coverage of the front bumper with attractively-integrated mounts for an accessory winch.
  • All-steel front and rear carriers for larger load capacity: 99 pounds up front, 187 pounds in back.
  • Heavy-duty trailer hitch.

A Few of Honda’s New Accessory Features:

  • Outdoor Storage Cover
  • Winch Mount Kit
  • Front A-Arm Guards
  • Windscreen
  • Soft Rack Bag (front)
  • Soft Rack Bag (rear)
  • Fender Bag
  • Heated Grips
  • Plow Blade
  • Plow Push Tube
  • Plow Mount Kit
  • Winch Kit
  • Recoil Starter

 Wait – There’s Even More

Optional mounting and steering setups for the EPS system is only one of many of the details Honda has decided to attend to as a statement of how far out front they intend to go as car makers.

Failing to sample one of these models would be as silly as accidentally missing the Superbowl.

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