2015 Suzuki RM85

It will be love at first sight and first turning on of the throttle of the 2015 Suzuki RM85. The model carries on the tradition of racing excellence that the Suzuki RM family has come to be known for.


The power of the 2015 Suzuki RM85 is in the dual-stroke, liquid-cooled, 84.7cc, reed-valve engine with a bore and stroke of 48.0mm by 46.8mm. Durability is assured with SCEM which is short for Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material. It helps to ensure weight reduction and keeps heat transfer effective for top class performance. 2015 suzuki rm85 oregon

It keeps the power smooth no matter the rpm but more so on low to mid-range performance. As is the case with larger models, this model absolutely delivers when it comes to handling for both amateur and professional riders. With its smooth power and superb handling, this is the bike to use to learn how to race and to get over the finishing line first.

Another engine feature is a trademark Keihin PE28 carburetor that keeps throttle response smooth and that keeps maintenance problem-free. There are also the aluminum exhaust valves to match the expansion of the cylinder, a match that enhances sealing. Throttle response and overall tractability are also enhanced with the exhaust valve governor and actuator. The RM85 also comes with a large-capacity radiator that efficiently cools the engine and a digital CDI map that delivers strong engine performance at higher rpms.

Transmission features

Another winning feature of this RM85 is the smooth shift six-speed transmission. This feature is on the transmission comes as an all-out shift mechanism that includes needle bearing and a solid, shift-drum detent spring that is placed on the left side of the shift drum. There is also a shift-pedal tip that is knurled that keeps the grip and shift feel superb.


The RM85 chassis is a tubular steel of frame with a solid, aluminum swing-arm wall that gives a rider leading performance on track more so when taking those corners. The frame was made to deliver more rigidity, straight-line performance and durability. This is the reason for features like large diameter tubing and a large front reinforcement plate.

Another outstanding feature on the RM85 is the inverted front forks. These have been made so that the rider can adjust them to suit their weight, riding style and the level they are at. The forks come with a cartridge damping system with rebound damping that is fully-adjustable as well as 20-way compression damping that is adjustable. There are also fork guards that keep the inner fork tubes protected. With the front forks, riders get more than 275mm of travel.

Shock absorbing

Shock absorption on this ATV is bested with a Showa rear shock absorber with large diameter shock body. It is made with solid valves that enhance bottoming resistance and a plush feel.


When it comes to brakes, this RM85 is built with a dual-piston caliper front brake with a generously proportioned disc and back break disc that gives superior braking performance. There is also the lightweight,  front and back brake hose with a narrow diameter. The front brake hose passes at the back of the fork leg which takes away the need for a brake hose cover which reduces the overall weight of the ATV.

Suzuki Dealer Oregon

If you would like to take a look at the 2015 Suzuki RM85 and perhaps take it out for a trial run, get to Edge Performance Sports. Located on 1625 N Oregon Street, Ontario, Oregon, OR 97914. This is the leading motorcycle and ATV dealership serving Oregon and Idaho.