2015 Kawasaki KFX 50

Available exclusively in a cool grasshopper green that makes it instantly identifiable in the crowd, the Kawasaki’s kid-friendly 2015 KFX50 is the perfect ATV for beginners and parents who prefer to invest in a bike with a brand name manufactured by a major manufacturer. This fact instantly connects you with a great dealer network should you need parts or service; plus, when it’s time to upgrade and sell it for a bigger, faster bike, your resale value will be more because the next owner will appreciate that it’s a Kawasaki and not some unknown-off-the-cliff brand sold at a swap meet! In most cases with everything in life, you get what you pay for. The Kawasaki is a leading choice for countless bike enthusiasts for a reason.

KFX50 Power

The Kawasaki KFX50 has a single-cylinder, air-cooled, four-stroke engine with a fully-automatic transmission. It’s got a user-friendly electric starter, so if the beginner stalls out halfway down the road, the ATV can be started by the rider easily. In addition, unlike other ATVs in its class, the Kawasaki also comes with a convenient back-up kick starter. Although it may never be used by a 2015 kawasaki kfx oregonsmaller rider, it’s nice to know it’s there and it’s a great training tool an experienced rider can use to show the newbie how it works.

KFX50 Safety

This thoughtful safety device on the Kawasaki is both for the rider’s safety and to reduce a parent’s stress level. The parent simply follows behind the rider and, should the little one suddenly lose control of the quad, the tether can be used. The tether can also be clipped to the young rider’s pants and will automatically activate if the kid accidentally separates from the KFX50. In addition to the tether, it also comes with a screw-type throttle limiter that reduces and limits the amount of thumb-throttle movement the new rider can activate. It automatically keeps the speed below a certain range so the rider doesn’t have to think about the throttle too (among everything else going through the newbie’s young mind!)

KFX50 Size

The Kawasaki quad weighs 240 pounds when it’s full of fuel. Its 55 inches long and 35 inches wide. The seat height is at 25 inches off the ground. The ATV’s single-suspension arms are used on each tire; and, there’s a solid-axle, single-shock-controlled swing arm that’s found in the back. The quad’s three shocks have preload adjusters. The tires are 16 inches tall.

KFX50 Braking System

This rider-friendly ATV has all the brake controls solely on the handlebars; there’s no foot-brake lever to learn or worry about. There are small drum brakes installed up front on the KFX50. There’s also a hydraulic-disc setup in the back.

Even if you’re planning on surprising your youngster with a Kawasaki KFX50 for his/her birthday or for an upcoming holiday, stop by Edge Performance Sports with the youngster and let your little one sit on a few, explore the shop, hear some funny and cool stories from some of their staff and other riders, and even take the ATV for a mini test ride. Located at 1625 N. Oregon Street, this Kawasaki ATV dealer truly does have an edge not only in the Oregon region, but in the industry. They’re well-known (and appreciated) for employing a staff of friendly, approachable, and product-savvy team members. They carry the full line of Kawasaki ATVs and dirt bikes and also an impressive inventory of both new and “almost-gently” used other brand names, including: Honda, Suzuki, KTM, and Polaris.