2015 Kawasaki Brute Force 300

Brute force is usually not a good thing. On the latest Kawasaki ATV though, it is a fitting description of strength and performance. There is no trail that the 2015 Kawasaki Brute Force 300 cannot reliably take on and no chore on the farm that it will not help you to get done.


With its 271cc single-cylinder engine with four strokes, you get lots of power and torque more so at lower rpm levels, thanks to absolute precision with engine tuning. With a 3.2-gallon fuel tank and minimal fuel consumption, you also get an ATV that has substantial power range. Transfer of torque is enabled by CVT with centrifugal clutch. The clutch helps to direct power to the rear wheels.

Even in tricky situations and most challenging trails, you still get very well tuned engine braking thanks to optimized CVT. With 2015 kawasaki brute force 300 oredgonoptimized CVT ratios, you can ride over all kinds of surfaces and always count on having just the amount of engine braking that you need. With this integrated system, functions like slowing down and negotiating down are also made easier.

Triple disc brakes

Maximum braking power is provided for with a trio of disc brakes that are hydraulically activated. There is one for the two front wheels and a third one that is fixed on the back axle. The three 180mm discs are operated using single-piston calipers. They can conveniently be operated through levers that are mounted on the handlebar. Also, the rear brake can be operated using a pedal that is conveniently placed on the foot pedal on the right.

Durability is assured with the heavy-duty steel-tube that also makes the handling easier. A responsive power-plant and very sturdy chassis will make riding not only smooth but also fun. There are also the triple-disc brakes that have great power and a smooth feel at the levers.

Specially developed tires

Add the special Maxxis tires that were developed in conjunction with Kawasaki and you get a perfect balance of grip and durability. The research that was jointly done led to the development of wheels just for this ATV. Together with the chassis, the tires offer the rider balanced handling even on the roughest of terrain. The tires are also quite long lasting. They wear optimally which reduces replacement costs.

Load capacity

Loads will be no problem with the strong front and back racks that can hold up to 44 and 66 pounds of weight respectively. There’s also a front storage compartment that can hold four 16 ounce bottles. With a towing capacity, you can use your 2015 Kawasaki Brute Force to move equipment around a farm.

Another feature you will enjoy on this ATV is digital instrumentation that makes it easy to read and that gives you information at a glance when you are on the go. There is also the DC socket that is placed conveniently on the left side of the handle to put accessories close by. When it comes to seating, you get optimum control even during high speeds or rough riding thanks to the sporty riding position of the seats that are thick and well-cushioned. You also get really good mud protection for the legs with the intelligent bodywork design and floor boards that offer full coverage.

Oregon Kawasaki Dealership

If you are located in the areas of Idaho and Oregon, you can find the 2015 Kawasaki Brute Force 300 at Edge Sports Performance. It is located on 1625 N Oregon Street, Ontario, OR 97014.  In the heart of the western Treasure Valley, this Oregon ATV dealership is a short drive from Boise, Idaho.