2015 Honda CRF50F

You will love the power and performance of the 2015 Honda CRF50F. If you are a beginner or buying it for a beginner, they will love riding on this bike. A Honda was the first bike for thousands and it will be a great learning experience on this one.  Honda recommends it for riders aged 13 years and above.

Pick and choose

One reason is the CRF50F’s specs: three-speed transmission with automatic clutch, a smooth bulletproof engine, power that’s easy to control and tough suspension. With the automatic clutch, there’s no clutch lever that learners have to master which speeds up their learning.  And with three gear ratios, all a rider has to do is shift with the foot.

The model is ideal for riders with more experience as well. The adjustable throttle limiter makes it possible to set the power to your skill level. With this limiter, you set the top speed by simply turning a screw. Being able to make the adjustment means that learners and beginners are kept from going too fast too soon and ride at their level. 2015 honda crf50f oregon

Hassle-free, tough engine

The CRF50 has a 49cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine that is air-cooled. The reliability of the engine means that you spend more time riding and very little doing repairs and maintenance. Other specifications on the bike’s durable and low-maintenance engine also ensure you are on the move without any hassles. This includes the CD ignition that is maintenance-free, automated cam-chain tension and the keyed ignition that puts you in control of who rides your bike and when they ride it.

Induction is through a 13mm piston-valve carburetor and the bike has a fuel capacity of 0.7 gallons including a reserve of 0.2 gallons. The engine has a 39mm and a stroke of 41.4mm. The compression ratio is 10.0:1 and the valve train is a SOHC with dual valves.

This base trim is targeted at young riders, as well as adults, who want a powerful bike they can easily control with a wheelbase of 36 inches, seat height of 21.6 inches and ground clearance of 5.8 inches. Its curb weight is 110 pounds and this is inclusive of all standard equipment and all required fluid including a tank full of fuel.

Chassis, suspension and brakes

The front suspension is a 3.5-inch travel with inverted telescopic fork and the rear suspension is a 2.8 travel with single shock. It has drum front and rear brakes. Another notable feature of the CRF50 is the rugged steel frame. New riders and their bikes tend to take to number of hits and bumps when learning off-road riding. The bike’s rugged steel frame ensures that they can both take it.

Where to get it

If you are in the areas of Oregon and Idaho, you can set your eyes on the CRF50 and take it out for a trial spin at Edge Performance Sports at 1625 North Oregon St. Ontario, OR 97914. This is right in the heart of the Western Treasure Valley, just a short drive from Boise, Idaho. The dealership is open from Monday to Saturday from 9A.M to 6P.M and is closed on Sundays.

Full service is offered at the dealership that carries an inventory of new and pre-owned ATVs, motorcycles, dirt-bikes, water crafts, side by sides and utility equipment. Customers can also get parts and service. The dealership also lends its support to riding events and riders in the areas of Boise, Emmett, Mountain Home, Caldwell, Nampa and the community of Meridian, Idaho. Apart from sales, the staff at Edge Performance Sports is also enthusiastic riders.